Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday


Here is the most recent addition to my Tombstone file collection.  The stone is very hard to read but it is the INFANT MCHENRY stone at the Olive Mennonite Church Cemetery in Elkhart County, Indiana just north of Wakarusa, Indiana.

This baby was born to James A Mchenry b. 1848 and Salinda Madlem b1841 who were married 28 May 1876.  The stone does not give a birth date but does give a date of death as Feb 1877.  We will be getting a rubbing of this stone sometime in May.

When I first started working on genealogy many, many years ago Mabel Slocum gave me a lot of information about the family.  She would have known and talked with her father-in-law, George W. Slocum on many occasions and he must have shared with her several bits of information that has aided up in getting more information on the origins of the family.  Perhaps Salinda had a family Bible that Mabel got the information from but the existence of such is not known.

Salinda arrived in Nebraska as Salinda Slocum sometime before the 1880 census.  Mable was given the date of Salinda's marriage to Alonzo Henry Slocum as 28 May 1876.  Mabel found out about the baby girl who died in 1877 but never mentioned where it was buried.  This baby had a younger sister, Celia May (named after one of Salinda's sisters) who died just after she turned 1 year old (buried in the Arcadia Cemetery) and two brothers, George W and Edward E Slocum.

And the mystery begins.....................................

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