Children's Legacy Books & LIFEBOOKS


Most Adoptive and Foster Parents are aware of LIFEBOOKS for their children.  As Adoptive and former Foster Parents we understand the importance of these books.  The issue is that sometimes it's confusing and/or you just don't have time to put them together.  That's where we come in!  We can act as a coach or do the work for you.  CONTACT US for details.

A LIFEBOOK is a security blanket, a concrete tool, and a medium for one complete personal history.  It promotes a positive grasp of identity, so it front-loads for adolescence.  A LIFEBOOK is more than a live story.  It is a unique opportunity for parents to honor every minute of their children's lives.

LIFEBOOKS help connect children to their histories and beginnings.  They create foundations that help children attach to their adoptive families.  For some children, feelings of floating and "not feeling a part of" are used when describing how adoption feels.  Anything that reduces these feelings inproves the quality of life.

A LIFEBOOK is completely focused on the child's experience via child friendly facts.  It is written in basic action words that a child can easily interpret when s/he acquires reading skills.  It's important to recognize the beauty of a physical tool.  The LIFEBOOK can stay on a shelf or it can be brought down at will.  The LIFEBOOK provides constancy, it doesn't disappear one day.

Children removed from their birth families often have secret thoughts about why tis happened.  Many believe that somehow they are responsible for the separation from their birth family and that they caused the caos and trauma in their lives.  Other children wonder what happened to their 'first mother'.  They often imagine romantic death stories or even their adoptive parents ripping them away from their birth family.  They need truth in a way that can be understood but real to the child.

We can act as a coach or do the work for you.  CONTACT US for details.


LEGACY ALBUMS are a wonderful gift for your Children and Grandchildren no matter their age.  We will be showing you how to build these notebooks for your family.

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