Sunday, April 5, 2015

Do Over Time! WEEK ONE

It's time to take a serious look at my Genealogy Files, Families and Fix what is broken in each one


This is a HUGE topic in the Genealogical Community.  You may have remnants of these lineages in your family trees, especially if you've copied information from others on websites like  Please take the time to read an article on this subject by clicking the "Fraudulent Lineages" link above.  This is serious.  You don't want to leave this as a legacy for your children's children.  I know I don't.  I'm sure some of my information comes from errors like these and I've made this mistake.


That's why I'm doing a Genealogical Do-Over!  Click the above "Do-Over"  link to find the Facebook Page.  You can also go to:

This week I plan to do the following:

1.  Filed all my loose papers away.  Keep out only the vital statistics records, cemetery records and solid concrete evidence of my ancestors life.  I'll order some vital statistic records that I don't have.

2.  I've obtained a copy of a "Digital Assets Codicil".  This will be attached to the wills that my husband and I are creating.  I asked my two Biological Sons who would like to receive these files and work and my oldest son jumped at the chance.

3.  Creating a list of people I plan to 'Do-Over' the rest of the year, choosing the people on my list for Do-Over for April-June (Harvey, August & August GESCH and Marie, Gottlieb and Gottfried REBENSDORF) and making a list of hard evidence that is needed for each one.  Getting their NOTEBOOKS ready to receive documents. (NOTE: July- the end of the year will be SLOCUM/CUNNINGHAM lines)

4.  Downloaded FAMILY TREE MAKER on my computer.  I'm still deciding whether I want to stay with this and may choose LEGACY instead.

5.  Ordering several books to study for skills needed.

6.  Preparing documents for:  To-Do list, Schedule, Proof Sources List for each ancestor, noting all places I looked even it is did not result in information.  "FREE FORMS"

7.  Prepared my work space by clearing off clutter.

8.  Read the "GOLDEN RULES" of Genealogical Research

9.  Learn Excel QUICK

10.  Learn how to scan photos and documents with my printer and phone and transfer them to my computer.  (technologically challenged here)

This is a site that give you a treasure chest of free forms, and other Genealogy Tools.

Now, once I get this all done I'll be ready for the next step.....................WEEK TWO of THIRTEEN

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