Friday, April 18, 2014

Tombstone Thursday

Virgil Cunningham

Virgil and Mary Cunningham married in 1882 in Ohio and had a large family of eleven children.  They first showed up in Nebraska in the 1900 Census, living in Madison County, Nebraska.

Virgil was born in Adams County, Ohio.  His father James Perry CUNNINGHAM was born in Pennsylvania but by the time he was 9 years old was living in Ohio.  James father William 'Nur' CUNNINGHAM was born in Ireland.

Things we still need to know:  What year did Virgil and Mary come to Nebraska?  Virgil's father James Perry was actually also living in Nebraska in the 1950 census but he was living in Antelope County in the town of Neligh.  I'm wondering why they were living so far apart?  A trip to the State Historical Society is in order.  Some things can be done on-line but you can't do everything, when searching for information on your family, on-line. Sometimes you just need physical searching.

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