Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Moments

Thanks for your patience as we take a bit of a BLOG VACATION to reorganize and set some priorities here.

It has taken me longer to get things together and achieve my goals for my genealogy projects this summer than I had planned.  Primarily this is because I find myself busy with summer things and confused because I do not know enough about how to do this genealogy business. 

Thus........the BLOG VACATION to help me prioritize my life so that I can be more productive.

The goal to have all the documets for the HALL 'Nebraska First Family' certificate done by the end of May did not happen.  I'm am still learning so much about this family.  I think I can get enough to put the certificate documents together but I'm definately not done learning about the life of this family.

I have to move on....................

I need to move on so I'm organizing my information and will begin learning more about the SHAVLIK family in July.  Since I don't have much information on them I'm assuming this will be a longer task than the HALL family since I had some great information already about that family.  I'm hoping to meet a  SHAVLIK cousin in Omaha for a 'Cemetary' visit soon, which will be fun.

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