Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Family Triva

On Family Triva Tuesday's we'll ask a Did You Know question on one of the ancestors in the family lines on the pages above. If you know the answer simply give your answer in the 'COMMENTS' section at the bottom of the post. We'll give the answer on the following Tuesday along with more information on the subject.

Emigrants, Custer County
This weeks Trivia Question:

A number of our ancestors, and if you live in Nebraska probably yours, homesteaded in Nebraska.  Read our article on Homesteading in Nebraska then search through the pages at the top of this BLOG to see who might have homesteaded in Nebraska.

There are three categories for 'homesteaders' that qualify for certificates through the Nebraska State Genealogcial Society so see if you can name the possible homesteaders and which category you think they might belong in.  As always put your answers in the COMMENT section below.  The answer will be given in next weeks TUESDAY TRIVIA.

FIRST FAMILY Settled in Nebraska by 1867
PIONEER FAMILY Settled in Nebraska between 1868 & 1879
CENTURY FAMILY Settled in Nebraska by 100 years prior to current date

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