Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday This n That

Articles in this post:  The Big Switch, Nebraska's Best (Decendents News), Organizing Your Files.  The Monday's This 'n That post every week will include important information on the site, a DECENDENTS NEWS section where the family can make announcements, etc on current news, an article on Organizing or other infomation related to Genealogy including any trips we've made or classes we've attended.

The Big Switch
Next week we'll be switching things around a bit.  Our scheduled posts will appear as follows:

Monday:  Monday This 'n That
Tuesday:  Tuesday Family Trivia
Wednesday:  Beginning Genealogy Workshop
Thursday:  Photo Thursday
Friday:  Genealogy Challenge

Nebraska's Best

Chris Slocum son of Mike and Jean Slocum will be sworn in as one of Nebraska's Best a Nebraska State Patrolman today at the state capital in Lincoln.

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