Sunday, October 2, 2016

Nebraska State Genealogical Society

Join the NEBRASKA STATE GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY!  Great meetings, conferences and information on there web site.  Additionally if you have Nebraska ancestors you can apply for FAMILY RECOGNITION CERTIFICATES.  Awesome things to have hanging on your wall with pictures of the honored family.  You'll especially want to get these in 2017 because like everyone else in Nebraska, we are celebrating our 150th year of statehood in 2017.

Special certificates will be issued in 2017 in honor of Nebraska's 150th year of Statehood and the 40th Anniversary of the Nebraska State Genealogical Society for anyone who can document a Nebraska ancestor who settled in Nebraska prior to 1917. There are 3 categories for the Family Recognition Certificates: First Family, Pioneer Family, and Century Family. If you are interested in receiving a Family Recognition Certificate for your Nebraska ancestor visit the NSGS website and have your application ready to send in after January 1!

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