Sunday, June 29, 2014

Are You A Slocum?

There are Slocum's and then there are Slocum's.  The Slocum family who settled in the Arcadia/Litchfield area in Nebraska was a real brick wall for several of the cousins who worked on the family history.  I think there is now a crack in that wall and I have been moving full steam ahead and getting lots and lots of information on the ancestors.  Still plenty of questions but real break threws have occurred.  I've even gotten tips of one of Ira's sisters who moved to the Hebron area.

There still seems to be some skeletons here and there.  Appears Alonzo's father, Ira, was a moonshiner and he and either one of his son's or a nephew built a large still in a barn for which they were taken to the Superior Court in Indiana to pay for.  The two felt they should be able to take the full cost of the still off their rent to the owner (Ira's son) and the owner didn't think so.  SIGH family issues.

I inherited a box full of pictures from Mike's mother when she passed.  We are starting to go through the box.  The above picture stood out to me for the first picture for the Slocum's.  I know who it is and the writing on the picture does give it away.  As I get other pictures I will post them.  If there are family members who want the picture I post they can just get in touch with me, pay the postage and they are yours.

The above picture is of Cecil Slocum, Son of George Washington Slocum (picture at top of page).  George Washington Slocum's father was Alonzo Slocum who was the son of Ira Slocum of Indiana.   This picture of Cecil was taken in 1946 and I'm guessing it's his High School graduation picture.

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