Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Keeping Up With The Jones'

It truely is a small world after all..............
Mike's Great Grandfather Virgil CUNNINGHAM's parents were John CUNNINGHAM AND Sarah Francis JONES. Sarah's father was John JONES son of Edward JONES.
Jean's 4th Great Grandfather, Calvin T GUNTER'S parents were John T GUNTER and Susanna JONES. Susanna was the daughter of Elijah JONES who was the son of John JONES.
The question this the same family?????
JONES is a tough family to connect to because.....well everyone who needed a new name became a SMITH or a JONES
Let's take a look!
Mike's JONES line through CUNNINGHAM (Mike Slocum's Mother's Paternal line)
77th foot
                   Major Edward Jones  - a British Foot Soldier  
                       1776 - ? - Wales/England
         John J Jones
          1813, Wales -1889, Ohio
                   Mary Edwards
                       1780 - ? - Wales/England
Sarah Francis JONES (Married Virgil, Father of Chester, Father of Dorothy Cunningham wife of Clarence Slocum, Mike's parents.)
                         Thomas Cherrington
                          1779-1844 Ohio
          Elizabeth Cherrington
          1816-1870 Ohio
                    Sarah Westlake
                       1782, Virginia -1848, Ohio

Now let's look at Jean's GUNTER Line (Maternal Grandmother)
                                              John JONES b 1749 Virginia Colonies d. 1829, North Carolina
                    Elijah JONES b. 1779 Virgina Colonies d. 1833 Kentucky
                                              Elizabeth PETTYPOOL b. Virginia Colonies 1750 d 1818, North Carolina

Susannah JONES b.1802 Kentucky d 1835 Iowa (Wife of William GUNTER father of John, father of Calvin T, father of James W. GUNTER father of Jennie Phoebe GUNTER Jean's grandmother who married Stephen J. SHAVLIK)
                          Sarah HAMBRICK b.1777 Virginia Colonies d. 1857 Illinois

Jean's JONES family appears to have imigrated from England some time before 1749. Benjamin JONES (father of above John JONES)  Served in the Revolutionary War as a private.

There is still more to discover about these folks but this is all this BLOG will hold.

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