Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday Family Trivia

This Weeks Trivia Question:

Often 'farm families' moved to town for one reason or another.  Usually it was when the children were old enough to take over the farm and the parents found town living easier for them.  This also meant that the couple would need some kind of income in their later years.

In the picture this man and his wife ran a business common many years ago.

This is a picture of Warren Sinclair and his 'town business'.  Who can name the business and the business location?  (I've given you a big hint here by giving you his name)  There are also several other stories about Grandpa Sinclair.  Who can share?

Last Weeks Trivia Question:

There are three categories for 'homesteaders' that qualify for certificates through the Nebraska State Genealogcial Society.

FIRST FAMILYSettled in Nebraska by 1867
PIONEER FAMILYSettled in Nebraska between 1868 & 1879
CENTURY FAMILYSettled in Nebraska by 100 years prior to current date

Our question was for you to see which of the ancestrial families in the links above qualify as 'First Families' or 'Pioneer Families'.

I have to say that I was surprised by Jean's line.  Some that I thought would be First or Pioneer Families didn't qualify according to the above date. 

Mike's Line:  Hall and Masters qualify as First Families.  Sinclair and McCleary appear to qualify as Pioneer Families.  There are numerous families that then qualify as Century Families.

Jean's Line:  Gesch and Shavlik qualify as a First Family.  Krska and Gunter qualify as Pioneer Family.  Many other 'lines' qualify as Century Families.

Some of these might change as I go through the process of gathering all the proof information to submit these families for certificates.  I will have to gather proof of the time the families came to Nebraska and then prove through birth and death certificates on down the line the either Mike or Jean are actual descendants of these people.

Last year and early this year have proved bring us huge surprises in our family tree.  I'm curious what the rest of this year will bring.  I will be working on the eight family lines above this year.

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